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the height of your dog = the number of posts in this thread

dog height grinding posting

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your dog is 1 foot tall


bird on skaet

3 foot dog. the dog is getting large.

4 foot tall ahh yessir

5 ft dang thats a big ol dog
edit: wait are we only allowed to post once here? whoops!!!

Edited by 20ft Tiko at 2017-10-07 14:23:402017-10-07 14:23
bird on skaet

6 foot tall now

posting multiple times is fine imo we have to get this dog some serious size

7 foot dog. this dog is definitely way bigger than dogs are supposed to be

bird on skaet

8 foot this dog is taking steroids

9 foot dog. this dog is far too big to be an ordinary dog

this dog is like a fancy christmas tree

11 foot tall

12 foot dog now we’re talkin

13 foot this dog is unlucky someone else post quick!!

tis dog is tall . fourteen feetl. unbelievable

Edited by emily at 2017-10-09 15:19:412017-10-09 15:19

fifteen? do i hear fifteen? FIFTEEN feet tall? ggood God almighty

sixteen. this dog is fuckin hueg

bird on skaet


18 ft. this dogs height is now legal xD

bird on skaet

weavile wants to pet this 19 foot dog

this dog has reached 20 ft i repeat the dog has reached 20 ft all posters rise for the pledge

oh no youve gone too far what are you doing aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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